Forest Boats FINAL.jpg

Forest Boats (2017)

I started Wing Walker Orchestra about five years ago, I started Wing Walker Orchestra. Forest Boats is the first song I composed. Around this time, I was watching a lot of films by Michel Gondry. I wanted to capture the feeling of the music in these films - mostly composed by Jon Brion. His movies and the music for them are melancholy, folksy, and quirky. 

Forest Boats is very simple and almost naive in a way - like children’s music. Even though it isn’t composed for a film, I tried to arrange the piece so it feels cinematic. Familiar characters and themes keep returning but each time they’ve evolved. 

I learned a lot composing this and think it’s a good introduction to our band. There’s much more music to come. Thank you for listening. 


released September 11, 2017
Composed by Drew Williams
Produced by Alan Ferber
Mixed and Recorded by Chris Benham at Big Orange Sheep
Mastered by Joseph Branciforte at Greyfade Studios
Art Work by Brendan Culp

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