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MATTERHORN West Coast Tour

3/7 Talent Club, Talent, OR - 8pm

3/8 Turn Turn Turn, Portland, OR - 8pm (with Douglas Detrick's Tale in the Telling & Reed Wallsmith's Get Smashing Love Power)

3/9 The Jazz Station, Eugene, OR - 7:30pm (tickets)

3/10 The University of Nevada, Reno, NV - 12:30pm

3/10-11 Moody’s Bistro, Truckee, CA - 8:30pm

3/12 California Jazz Conservatory, San Francisco, CA - 11am (tickets)

3/12 Bar Fluxus, San Francisco, CA - 9pm

3/13 Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento, CA  - 7:30pm (with Jack Chandler Quartet)

3/14 Bakersfield Jazz Workshop at The Mark Restaurant, Bakersfield, CA - 7pm Clinic, 8pm Concert, 9pm Jam Session

3/15 The Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA - 9pm (with Brendan Eder Ensemble)

3/17 Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA - 2pm Student Workshop, 4:30pm Public Concert

3/18 The Piano Kitchen, Santa Barbara, CA - 8pm (with Toy Shop Ghost)

3/19 Porterville College, Porterville, CA - 2pm

3/20 SoFar Sounds, San Francisco, CA - 8pm


Matterhorn West Coast Tour with John Blevins, Jeff McLaughlin, Jesse Bielenberg, Nathan Ellman-Bell