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The ambitious concert began with a 40-minute set of Williams’ compositions. Many of the arrangements performed by an octet resembled Sun Ra-penned pep band fight songs for a mathlete team.
— Plastic Sax
Drew Williams is a musician who looks to find his inspiration among the tension that exists between improvisation and composition. The compositions that emerge from his pen encapsulate elements heard in all of the greatest jazz tunes: melodies that are singable while being subtly complex, and harmonies that are challenging without being alienating. They serve as wonderful vehicles to illuminate his beautifully edgy improvisational style on the tenor saxophone. Drew is doing invaluable work that is pushing jazz forward and keeping the music relevant among a younger audience. His work will no doubt inspire other musicians to instill life into a style of music that many consider is approaching its expiration date. Now more than ever, we need people like Drew Williams!
— -Alan Ferber, Trombonist and Composer (Esperanza Spalding, Sufjan Stevens, John Hollenbeck, Dr. Dre)