Drew Williams


Wing Walker Orchestra is a large ensemble, based in New York City, that functions as a democratic band. Everyone contributes original compositions and arrangements. The confluence of ideas from multiple composers and improvisers gives the orchestra's sound groundbreaking diversity. We recently recorded our debut album "Hazel" which was produced by Alan Ferber. It features my original compositions and arrangements of music by Tune Yards and Michael Attias. It will be released later this year. 

Sun Ra-penned pep band fight songs for a mathlete team.
Forest Boats FINAL copy.jpg


Forest Boats is the first song I composed for Wing Walker Orchestra. Around this time, I was watching a lot of films by Michel Gondry. I wanted to capture the feeling of the music in these films - mostly composed by Jon Brion. His movies and the music for them are melancholy, folksy, and quirky. 

Forest Boats is very simple and almost naive in a way - like children’s music. Even though it isn’t composed for a film, I tried to arrange the piece so it feels cinematic. Familiar characters and themes keep returning but each time they’ve evolved. 

I learned a lot composing this and think it’s a good introduction to our band. There’s much more music to come. Thank you for listening. 

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An electrifying confluence of jazz, rock, and the avant-garde, Matterhorn's eponymous debut album was co-produced by Shane Endsley of the acclaimed post-rock/jazz outfit Kneebody and released on pfMENTUM records. John Blevins (Trumpet/Compositions), Drew Williams (Bass Clarinet/Compositions), Jeff McLaughlin (Guitar), Jesse Bielenberg (Bass), and Nathan Ellman-Bell (Drums) create a genre-defying music of explosive horn lines searing through churning, ever-shifting rhythmic patterns. 


Doomsday, directed by Todd Kuhns, takes a comical look at a cult who fear the end of the world. I composed, recorded and mixed all of the music myself. It features acoustic guitar, bass clarinet, and effect pedals. 


The Wing Walker Music Podcast showcases innovative music defying labels. Drew Williams sits down with some of the most interesting established and emerging musicians to talk about their creative process. By highlighting similar threads in different types of music, he exposes common ground between musicians and listeners to better reflect the way people actually listen to music.